Sunday, 15 January 2006

Heart #13 on the hoop

Heart #13 is on the Hoop - well, sort of. (I am going back to fill in a missed number, having finished #15).

In this case, I have been meaning to experiment with two things. I wanted to make this Heart as a swap Heart:


But the problem is that it is a seven inch (not six inch) Heart - and there is no way to make it just slightly smaller.

And, for a while, I have been wanting to try the very small-check gingham (I think it is still gingham). This is the result:


The small Heart (with the larger one for comparison), is worked with a single strand of DMC, and is 5.5cm across (cannot lay my hands on the ruler with the inches - we're not supposed to think in them in Australia any more).

But this small Heart should piece into a full-size one beautifully - I have a couple of ideas to experiment with. This will then be a Heart for swapping.

At this stage I don't think I will put the deeper purple part around it - but I may change my mind. And I would say - if you are thinking of learning Chicken Scratch - don't start with the smaller gingham. I like its delicacy, but it is not the easiest.

Heart #16 is also on the hoop - well, I have two hoops. I think that one is already committed, as I owe a Heart to someone special - with any luck I will be back tomorrow with that one partially finished.


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