Sunday, 8 January 2006


Acting on a suggestion from Googs, I have been playing with bookmarks. (Yes, I know we were talking about what to do with used Christmas cards, but it got me thinking).


What I have done is colour photocopy my fan wall-hanging - both full size and 50% reduced, and cut slices of various size. The colour photocopier has much more intense colour than a computer printout. Printouts are okay, just not as good.

I am lucky in that I have a fair-sized guillotine, and also a laminator.

I have just laminated the slices, trimmed them again, punched a hole (missed the centre in the first one), tied a bit of funky yarn, and Voila! Bookmark!

It has all sorts of possibilities with Kumihimo threads, beads etc.

And I am really enjoying looking how the slices work when they are disconnected from the rest of the block around them.


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