Monday, 9 January 2006

Administrative Stuff

Looking at the data for this blog on Statcounter, I see I have a lot of regular readers out there, who are not subscribers.

*waving to them all*

Just for those who are starting to discover blogs, and have not found out about it yet, there is a website out there called Bloglines. You can subscribe (it is free), and then tell it which blogs you want to read.

Then, each time you log onto your part of bloglines, it tells you which of your blogs have been updated, so you do not have to endlessly go to your favourites and click on blogs that are not updated that often.

And, if you are looking for other nice blogs to read, slip over and have a look at Bloggers who Embellish. But take a cut lunch with you - there is a lot of really nice reading there, and when you find ones you like, you just copy the address, open another window for Bloglines, subscribe, and you have them for next time. And off you go back to the other window looking for more nice blogs.


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