Sunday, 11 December 2005

PB 3 - tinkering

Tinkering time with Peacock Block 3. Not a lot of stitching time, as things get busy.

Peacock Blocks 3e

The main change is that I found the three buttons I painted in peacock colours with nail polish, that I wanted to put on that wide green and black ribbon. And it just didn't work. So since gold will go anywhere, any time, I assisted the gold peacock in its flight over there, and added the buttons to the foliage where the peacock had been.

I have almost finished the seams joining this block to the next, and I just want to put a branch on the blue lace for the bigger peacock to roost.

Then it is onto a joining seam on the other big strip, and I join the two biggest strips.

Getting closer, but Christmas might get here first.


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