Thursday, 15 December 2005

Christmas Ornies Day 2

Why did I leave it to the last minute? I would love to keep sewing on these - four inch blocks are really nice - perfect fit in the hoop. And this picture does not show how much they are glittering.


Larger size HERE.

In the end I have used only the one gold metallic thread and some old ivory crochet cotton, and just whacked these through quick.

You might also notice I was experimenting with the combination of three of those seed and bugle bead combinations on each. I like them. I have been playing for a while with Fly stitch with two seed and two bugle beads, but then had the idea of adding another seed bead. Fly stitch makes them much more even than just sewing on beads with straight stitches.

So it is:

1. Come up through fabric

2. Pick up, in order, seed, bugle, bugle, seed. Go down through the fabric about a cm away in first part of Fly stitch.

3. Come up through the fabric in the "V" between the two bugle beads, pick up another seed bead, go over the thread and down through the fabric. You should then have a "V". Come up inside the V, pick up a bugle and a seed, go down through the fabric.

Simple, but I like it. Very easy to make evenly each time.

And, in the meantime, here is a picture of my favourite Ornie I made last year:


Larger size HERE.

Those wreaths are fun - just draw a circle and stitch around continually using all sorts of green threads and ribbons, maybe fine gold thread as well. Add red beads or French knots, and a bow at a strategic place.

And I am really sad I didn't have time this year to tat the snowflake. Because I have found those little clear centres as Svarkorski (can never spell it) crystal - the fire in them is stunning.

Next year .......


Blogger Sharon said...

Perhaps L we should do Christmas stuff at the beginning of the year and all the rest later on :-)) As if I could be that organised...

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