Sunday, 18 September 2005

Jeans Bag Sunday 4

Oooops - started with Roman Numerals for this - thing I will go to whatever we call figures. :) I've missed few Sundays - how many are there to go?????


This is where my bag is at, at the minute. Not much is doing due to other things happening in my life. But I have managed to work one small violet on top of the doiley - and I like it. Adding another layer to an old embroidery intrigues me. Must work on that more one day.

When I finish everything else.

In the meantime, the wonderful work by others in the group can be seen on the Flickr Group for Bags of Fun. There is some really wonderful stuff over there.


Blogger Maggie Ann said...

Chloe, you have the best ideas. when your page loaded, and I saw what you had done here, my breath caught in my throat. I love this. too bad I'm not fond of the jean part....or I'd have a 'go' at one too. What a beautiful idea!

10:23 am  

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