Saturday, 17 September 2005

All That Jazz 1


Well - Sharon did say bright, but I think this is BRIGHT!!!!

I started knowing I wanted to do a fan, and that would be in solids or self-patterns. And that I wanted to include purple, green and gold, as the Mardi-Gras colours. On Thursday Margaret G brought a top to class that was perfect for what I had in mind (the coloured flowers), and I dived into a box rarely opened - the multicolours - and found the other piece. I think I was given it at a Retreat. I just wish the block could be bigger now so I could use more.

So, there I was - being careful not to put pattern next to pattern. And piecing away. And although I did have lace and ribbons for insertion as I went, somehow it didn't seem right for what I have in mind. I'm not giving it all away at this stage, in case it doesn't work. But I will be stitching along the vanes of the fan, and using very simple stitches on the outer section, to emphasis the fabrics. I think.

Right now I want to stitch, but other deadlines and family call. But a start has been made.

You can check out Viv's block on the group pool (along with inspiration from her journal) and the Guidelines (which are the work of Sharon and Annie) are HERE.

Everyone is welcome to join in with us in this fundraiser, by making one eight-inch block. And it doesn't have to be as bright as mine, I am sure. :)

Now ....... I know the gold at top right is a lovely fabric, but I think I need to put just a hint of one of the patterns across the corner.


Blogger mrspilkington said...

bright is good!

11:24 pm  
Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

Linda, I love the gold fabric you have in the top right corner. It looks embossed!
Beautiful block!

7:07 am  

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