Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Katrina Bag Progress II

Life continues to be unusually busy here, but I have done a little more on my Katrina bag.


You can see a larger version HERE.

It is almost to the stage where I stop seam treatments and other stitching, and start to add beads, buttons, jewellery etc. The two pieces of tatting are in Colourstreams silk (a hand-dyed Australian silk I love to tatt for very special pieces), and I had a lot of fun with a complex woven Herringbone stitch on top right. Really champing at the bit to try that again.

I still haven't worked out how I am going to auction it - but I will find a way.

In the meantime, this blog will continue to be sparse, I have been spending a little time in various hospital departments with a close family member, and things are not going to get better for a few days. That is on top of a horrible deadline I have.

So not a lot is happening to my Bag of Fun - I think I will have to make a last minute run before the finalisation date.


Blogger Gina E. said...

Looking more beautiful each time you post a piccie, Linda! Can't wait to start bidding on it!

12:58 am  
Blogger Sharon said...

I hope things are going better for you L... Take care

7:02 am  
Blogger Maggie Ann said...

I am captivated by the color scheme going on. The tatting is oh so special, so very beautiful! What a wonderful piece....I wouldn't want to part with it! Hope your loved one is improving!

7:35 am  

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