Thursday, 7 July 2005

Pink Lemonade, with a touch of Mint

This is my July Apron for Tie One On - those making an Apron a Month, co-ordinated by Amy.

Pink Apron

The theme for July is "Pink Lemonade", and I have added just a touch of mint. There are, believe it or not, only two fabrics in the crazy-patch - one is a shaded dress remnant that has a number of pinks in it - I am cutting around the blue sweet peas.

The rest of the apron is calico, which will get grubby fairy quickly, the way I work in the kitchen. But this is what is going to happen to this one - it is a prototype, in my quest for the ideal CQ apron. I don't think one that is entirely CQ would work, as it would be too heavy.

And there is no embellishing or seamwork on this - just lots of Broderie Anglaise pieced in as I went, with some other lace and sections from old white-work doilies. And Pink Rick Rack. So the whole lot will go in the washing machine without a problem.

Piecing-wise, the only addition I would have liked was a little bit of pink gingham - but I couldn't find any in my Mother's stash, and I wasn't going to buy any.

I'm not sure if it is the done thing to load before the end of the month - but I thought if I did, some others might have a go at doing an apron too.


Blogger kay susan said...

Chloe its lovely. It looks tailored and stylish. I don't know either about when to post - I haen't been able to keep my month of softies under wraps till publication day so far - and I posted my Home on the Range early too - I just get too excited!

10:49 pm  
Blogger Nickie said...

Beautiful, Chloe! Love the patchwork pockets and the bit o' mint!

10:10 am  

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