Sunday, 19 June 2005


Not a lot of stitching doing here, and definitely no scanning. The little bit of stitching I can fit around real life is on RRs, which I will post when finished.

But I have got my copy of Stitch, which comes out of the Embroiderer's Guild in Britain. I do like this one, and it is not just that really expensive paper that feels so nice. It has a good article on Chicken Scratch, good projects and directions and good photos (although they also use that trick of a photograph of the same project at exactly the same stage, just cropped differently, on two different pages).

It is the April/May issue, and cost me $12.95 in Australia - my newsagent got it in, and has it on order for me now.

So with no scanner, and no work happening, I thought you might like a photograph of one of my older works:

St Claire

This is an icon to St Claire, one of the Patron Saints of Needleworkers. The silk print shows her at her embroidery, and I was deliberately trying for a simple look (ie Middle Ages), rather than Victorian. The Rosary is one I made myself, as I understand she was a follower of St Francis, and their Rosaries are slightly different in the number of decades.

I did also add a small cross at bottom left after this scan was made.

But cannot scan it again - no scanner.


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