Thursday, 16 June 2005

Busy, busy, busy

Life is terribly busy here, and I haven't got much stitching done - but the new laptop (my permanent and now gloriously one and only computer) is now networked, but I still don't have good access to a scanner and only just regained part-time access to a printer. So I am still having a bit of a trouble getting stuff done. And I have had the last two Fan Round Robin blocks arrive here - once they are finished I will have unfettered access to my UFOs.

But I have just been doing some checking out:

Pam at Kitty&Me has posted some glorious pictures from her old embroidery book - I am still suspecting that for some reason bloglines takes its time telling me when Pam updates, but it is hard to tell because the of the international time differences.

And there is a new nice blog on the block, which is Allison Aller - I found her through Bloggers Who Embellish . If you do go there - you need to check the second page of the listing - there are now more than fifty (54 as I write) in that ring.

And there is another blog just born - Not all those who wander are lost. Just new, but I know there is a crazy-patcher lurking in there. Welcome.


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