Thursday, 16 June 2005

Maureen's DYB for herself

Maureen has just sent me a scan of her own work in the DYB (Doing Your Block). For those who are unfamiliar with DYBs, Maureen made six blocks, which were sent round like a normal round robin, but each block was worked on by one person only.

When Maureen got them home, she had to finish off the sixth block, that non-one had worked on. (And Maureen asked each of us not to look at the work of the others until we had done ours).

So this is Maureen's work (and check out top left)

Maureen's own block

You can see the largest version HERE.

The DYBs that Viv, Patti, Anne and Catherine did for Maureen (and did I mention that Maureen pieced identical blocks) can be seen HERE, and my DYB for Maureen can be seen HERE

Thanks for allowing me to do the unveiling, M3


Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

Oh! I could almost reach into the monitor and touch it! How beautiful that is!


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