Friday, 10 June 2005

My DYB for Maureen

Thanks to the patience of Maureen, I have had a few days left to finish my DYB for her. The other four were handed over during coffee on Tuesday. You can see them HERE.

Linda for Maureen

The largest size is HERE.

The idea in this particular RR was that Maureen made six identical blocks, and we each embellished one. She asked us not to look at the others until we had finished out own, so she got five totally different interpretations of the same block. (We reckon now that when they arrived at my place, I should have picked mine and sent the sixth straight to her - and not sent hers home until she had embellished the sixth under the same conditions as she imposed on us - worth thinking about!)

Anyway - I have to say I am not totally happy with my work - I loved doing the Lyrebird, but was sort of undecided about colours, and the creams didn't give me many clues. So I sort of changed my colours half way through - I started off with creams and whites and golds (and Lyrebirds are grey and brown), then I decided to add some colour. With hindsight - I think I could have done a more colourful butterfly - maybe bright purple instead of pewter????

However - this has been a fascinating exercise - and it goes in the mail today. I really want to do another DYB straight away - but I am firm - no RRs for the rest of the year, after I finish the fans, as I want to get UFOs finished.


Blogger Gina E. said...

Well, I think it is perfect as it is, Linda. I am no expert when it comes to CQ, or matching and co-ordinating colours and things, but I know what I like instinctively, and this piece greatly appeals to me. I feel that a brighter coloured butterfly or anything else bright would have spoilt the serenity of the overall calm effect of the golds and creams.

11:18 pm  

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