Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Maureen's DYB blocks

Today was handover day for Maureen's DYBs - so we had coffee, raided Op Shops and then had lunch with C - and then I had to run.

And Maureen, being the angel she is, has allowed me a little extra time to get my DYB for her finished and scanned - I am scannerless at the minute. (And didn't say one word about my looking at the blocks before I was completely finished. It was almost finished).

And, even more kindly, Maureen has allowed me to post the blocks here. Wow!!! What a lady!

For those who are not used to DYBs - they are a special form of Round Robin, where each person makes six six to eight inch blocks, and sends them off. Each of the other five people in the group totally embellishes one block. And the maker of the squares embellishes the last.

However in this case Maureen had a stroke of brilliance. She went even further and made all the blocks the same, and asked each person not to look at the work of those before her in the rotation - so each block was the interpretation of one person, without any influence from the others. So these are a fascinating exercise.

It was even more fascinating for me, as I had them to compare with the work of the same person on my blocks, which were very colourful, and you can see HERE. I have pasted them in the same order.

Remember to see the largest you need to use the links (not the photos) and then click on the photo with your cursor or use the enlarge icon - and I promise to post as large a one of mine, when finished - they are so large they are scary, but really good for looking to see the stitching.

Viv for Maureen

The one above is by Viv. Verrry large version HERE.

Patti for Maureen

The one above is by Patti. Verrry large version HERE.

Anne for Maureen

Above - by Anne. Largest version HERE.

Catherine for Maureen

Above - Catherine for Maureen - and the green beads top left are for sewing on after the sashing has been added. Large version HERE.



Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

So beautiful!! I could stare at them all day and get absolutely nothing else done!

9:16 pm  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Me too, Pam!

12:47 am  
Blogger kay susan said...

These are truly amazing!

5:30 am  

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