Friday, 3 June 2005

Dolly Varden Cake

Oh Dear - yes, Sharlee, I did see the Dolly Varden Cake as I was going through the links, but didn't chase it any further. However ....

HERE is a recipe for the cake. And there are even references to a "Dolly Varden Cake tin", which I suspect might be the right shape for a Crinoline Lady???? Certainly they seem to be dotted with red cherries on white, like polka dots.

But yes - the fish were still there in the cake Google search - it was a piece of cake to catch them here there and everywhere. And a lot were caught by "Captain Cake". :)

Ooops - haven't seen that before - there is a Dolly Varden pelargonium. And there is a rose, too.

And, Wow!!!! An 1870s Dolly Varden sewing machine. I want!!!!! (Have you got any idea how many pictures of FISH I had to look at to find that???)

Ooooh, look, a Theatrical Poster. And a small mention of a "Dolly Varden Floral Design" fabric in an advert - but the whole page is fascinating.

Back to looking at the fish. Ooooooh, someone has named their motor home after Dolly Varden. And there is a whole range of labels for Dolly Varden cigars (and a lot of really nice graphics on that page).

You can even buy a Dolly Varden teapot. Or an antique china basket of a particular shape.

Gosh, it is amazing what you can find with a Google images only search. There was not one embroidered doiley, Sunbonnet Sue, or anything like what we call a Crinoline Lady. Or of the cake.

But there were a heck of a lot of fish!!!!

Thanks, Sharlee, for the fish!!!! (And the fun)


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