Friday, 27 May 2005

Working on Maureen's DYB

I am still working on Maureen's DYB - but I have set a deadline of one week - today week we will have coffee and I will hand it over. So I have photocopied where I am at, and started sketching:

Linda for Maureen

I have a few problems with this block - I wanted to do the Lyrebird, but that immediately meant that it wouldn't sit well for me with hearts and flowers and lace. So that removed a few options.

Then, I wanted to demonstrate a seam at class, so I picked up this block and added the beaded seam - which has further restricted what I CAN do in that area. I knew I wanted to weave some vines across the block somehow, so that is what I have done - but I am not totally happy with it. Maybe it is that half-completed butterfly at top right (using waste canvas) that looks like a spider in the photocopy.

But what I am happy with is the design of the leaves. I have been meaning for a while to go over and look at Crewel-work books as a source of motifs. And yes - there are heaps and heaps of designs that can be used in CQ. Maybe not in full-blown Crewel (although anything is possible), but I just love the lines of the flowers, leaves and birds that you can find over there.

Oh well, off I go again ............... Oh Dear - I don't need another addiction. :(


Blogger Maggie Ann said...

What a great idea to cross-stitch on your crazy-patch. I've never made one but am being drawn to it. They are not only beautiful but wonderful expressions of individual 'bents'.

10:15 am  

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