Monday, 6 June 2005

Having a Cuppa at Nan's

I called into see Deb at Nan's Cupboard (sorry, no website) the other day, and they were having a cuppa. They do that there - sit and do classes, and natter to the customers and have a cuppa with nice china and a teapot.

Deb's cosy

And they were making those Peacock Feather ear-rings - I found some very cheap at a small bush town last year, and I have two left for the Peacock Wall Hanging. I was running, so couldn't stop - but must make a time with Deb to learn how to do them. Closeup, they look like this:

Peacock Earing

But the thing that really fascinated me was the Tea Cosy. Because I reckoned I had seen it before, somewhere. So I came home and looked in my The Gentle Arts, and there it was. Possibly made from a Madame Weigel pattern in the 1940s. Howzat!!!

Deb's cosy2

As one of the ladies said - she is one very aggro looking teapot lady. And, as one of the others said - wouldn't you be if you had to sit on top of a hot teapot all day.


Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Linda,

Oooh, when you learn how to do those beaded peacock feathers, might you share with us? I have some that planned to use on my peacock CQ and I think it would be great to bead them!


10:11 pm  
Blogger Gina E. said...

I had an interesting experience last year with one of those teacosy dolls. I was at a deceased estate auction with a friend (who went mad with her husband's Visa card, and is now not allowed to go to any more auctions with me!). Sorry, got sidetracked...well, I was looking for linen of course, but there was none, so I just followed H around, and discovered a teacosy half-doll. I thought nobody else will even look at this, so I may as well offer $10. When it came up for the bidding, the auctioneer started at $20, so I put my hand up...and so did a dozen others, and the price shot up to $83!!! I yelled "Count me out!" and everybody laughed! I was told later that the half dolls are very collectable and quite expensive to buy in antique shops. Aren't I lucky to have two, that my MIL gave me some time ago!

11:42 pm  

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