Saturday, 4 June 2005


I was trying to decide which of Andrea's transfers was due for publication next, and decided upon this one - inspired by list discussion elsewhere about crocheted flower baskets.


The large version is HERE

After looking at the basket for a time, I thought it would be worth a try replicating it as an embroidery motif - and I have been wanting to try Sharon's advice about using Coral Stitch for a curved line. I like Coral Stitch, but I usually use it for tree branches.

So, here is what I have done so far. Firstly, I drew a circle around a kitchen glass, and drew a line through it below the centre, and flattened the bottom. Then I just free-handed a handle. This is my master-copy:


After that, I copied the design onto tissue paper, and being an easy one, I just pinned the paper down instead of tacking it. I then took my favourite thread for this (Gumnuts "Buds" silk, #947) and outlined the design in stem stitch. So that gets us here:


After that, I removed the tissue paper and then added spokes in the same thread, just long, straight stitches.


Then, I ran out of the Gumnuts threads - well, it is my favourite, so I use it all the time. So I run out. QED. Help!!! Next option??? Three strands of Needle Necessities overdyed embroidery floss (#126 - looking in daylight I would have been better with #118). And, off I went, Coral stitching in the woven part.


Then I just filled in the handle with chain stitch and a bit of Lazy Daisy (they would have been better coming out upside down, but that is minor).

Now I just need to fill the basket with flowers. I will probably use a few ribbon ones to break the line across the top of the basket, and then just play with adding whatever appeals to me. And put this piece aside to piece into a block later.

I reckon I could do a pretty good fan this way too.


Blogger Calidore said...

Love the basket, please post a photo when you are finished. I must try coral stitch - it always being in the two hard basket - pardon the pun. Maybe not anymore. Well Done.

4:07 pm  
Blogger Maureen said...

That's what I admire about Aussies Chloe,the ability to "think outside the square" and adapt .
Not being a crocheter(is that a real word?) I like the idea of a stitched basket.
Reminder to self:"Go back to weaving baskets with silk ribbon"

4:35 pm  
Blogger Chloe said...

Yeah - that's one way - but I have another up my sleeve, too. Soon. :)

4:43 pm  

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