Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Found my jigsaw box

Ain't life strange when you start being happy because you found a box your jigsaw came in:


Yes, well, you see, it is like this. I love the jigsaw, which was made in 1983, according to the box, and when I got it zillions of years ago, I had it mounted. Then lost the box. Now it is found, and it does not have the jigsaw markings on it. Or ANY print on the top.

So I think I will test a tiny bit on the side with varnish, and if it just varnishes (sometimes it sort of ruins it by showing the cardboard underneath), I will give it a few coats and make it into something special. It is that, or frame it - but I haven't got enough room to show off stuff of my own on my walls.

During February I posted a lot of closeups of the jigsaw - if you use the February archives link on my sidebar, you can get a look at the lot again - the sitching is wonderful.


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