Sunday, 1 May 2005

THE Peacock Wall Hanging

Gina was asking about where these blocks were going. It is a largeish wall hanging that, when I started this blog in January, looked like this:

Peacock Wall Hanging

It still looks a bit like that, but a lot of the blocks have been joined. It is made of up twelve blocks from two DYBs, three larger blocks from two peacock Round Robins, the special block from Bear and a few fill-in ones (like the one at the bottom with the peacocks from Rosie), that I have done.
It is the first "designated UFO" for this blog. And, when I get it finished it is off to the Dragonfly UFO (not as big, and not as much work to do), and a Jenny Bee Country Garden stumpwork sampler. After that??? Maybe the Dragon Vest. But I do have some Fans out there in a RR and a DYB ....

The whole idea of this blog was to make me organise myself and get things done. And, to a degree, it is working. :)


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