Sunday, 1 May 2005

Full steam ahead on Peacocks

I am full steam ahead on peacocks. Here is, hopefully, a better picture than the one last night:

Peacock blocks 4-5-7-19-20

A really big one (as I forgot to resize before loading) can be seen HERE. Again, they are DYB blocks by Rosalie and Alison at the top, and the middle one at the bottom is by Chris F. On the left of that is a doiley from Peggy (with a better picture HERE) and a fill-in block from me on bottom right. Again - once you get to the larger ones you may need to click on the icon or click with the cursor to get to full size.

And here are the two I will be working on next:

Peacock Blocks 1-9-10
with it slightly larger HERE. This is a finished Round Robin block at the top, with a little bit extra now on the right, and a DYB from Rina at bottom left and a special from Bear (ie pieced by me, embellished by Bear) on bottom right. Isn't that peacock attitudinous in Bear's? I love it.

Peacock Blocks 16-21

The block on the left here is a DYB by Maureen C, and a filler by me on the right, made to take the motif. The motif has been dyed with Ozecraft dyes, and I think I will now be doing a lot of work on it with metallic thread. And maybe a bigger branch to stand on???


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wow, this is so amazing, crazy quilting is really stunning

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