Sunday, 24 April 2005

Bear's Fan Block Finished

Linda for Bear

This is my part of Bear's blocks finished in the Fan Round Robin. Bear made four blocks, but there are five people working on them, so I have to leave a little bit for others.

The thing that fascinates me about round robins is how they take us out of our comfort zone - I normally never work with red or pink, but Bear did mention scarlet, and after that, it just happened - this one to me seems almost Spanish or Romany.

You can see all four blocks HERE, and this block when I had only just started work HERE. I wanted to empahsise the rays of the fan, so know from the start I was putting tatting around to define the fan, and the pink (and green) seam outside the fan is to pick up colours in the other blocks. The single ear-ring up near the top is in similar colours.

You can see an extra large picture (where you can pick out all my errors) HERE.

I have left two seams for someone else, and hopefully someone might put some flowers over the top of the lace doiley in the corner.

Hope Bear likes it. I am keeping it to show my class on Thursday, then it is off to New Zealand to Janelle. And I think I am now about to disappear for a few days - be back Tuesday night with some Dragons.


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