Thursday, 28 April 2005

Good Day in Melbourne

Yesterday was another nice day in Melbourne - for those I know are reading from overseas - this is our state capital, and is about a two-and-a-half hour drive from where I live. My DF (Dear friend) is working there now one or two days a week, and when they are a Wednesday or a Friday, if I have nothing on I go down with him. Then I have the car while he is at work.

This time I was heading for my favourite of all second-hand bookshops in Melbourne - more about that soon. But on the way I got caught by another one - I have seen the Merchant of Fairness in Balwyn before, but this time I could stop. It is good, well-organised and has a largeish sewing/craft section. Well, several shelves. I didn't buy there this time, but was tempted.

Then, it was on to Kew. I parked (it is in High Street, but away from the junction, the other side of the cemetery), and just happened to walk past an Op Shop on the way. Should I go in? Does a fish swim? Not a lot to tempt, but I got two doilies, pinned together, for $2. One is really nice:


The other was just a standard crochet one, but usable. Both are fairly smoked, but I think wood smoke, not tobacco smoke, as they don't have an odour. I was thinking about how to get them white again, and then realised that I would probably then throw them into tea to get them brown again. So maybe I will just wash it.

Another thing is that I usually cut these in half and piece them into a seam, but was finding it hard to know how I would cut across it - I like those big sets of three leaves, and would have to cut through one, no matter what. Although I could cut it into three and piece it into a corner. Then, on looking at the scan, I can see a tiny tear in one I cannot see just by handling it - so that is the one I will cut across.

This is a closeup of a section - I really should do some research and work out what kind of lace this is called.

Doiley closeup

Onwards, and into ABBRA CARD ABBRA ROYCROFT, the bookshop I was heading for.

Calling Lloyd's place a second-hand bookshop is a misnomer. It is packed with secondhand books and miscellania and a very organised and HUGE lot of postcards. I went through the "glamour" section, which is the lovely ladies sort, and there were a few I was tempted by for silk prints, but I desisted. There are sections like "fans", "Angels" and so on. I finally bought two local scenes, for historical purposes, a Christmas card featuring a sundial and a reproduction Suffragette card. Total - $24. No - there were five .... I forgot the double-sided one for advertising sewing thread. Bit nibbled on one side, but nice.

Then I started looking at the other bits. There are thousands of little collectable things - should have taken the camera. I was looking for a purple plastic Hoadleys (?) "tin" for Mary, but there were none there. But there was a little old toy sewing machine at $100. Tempting, but no.

Then I went (very quickly in the end) through three HUGE piles of old knitting books, Womens Weeklies etc. Didn't get time to look in them, sure there must have been heaps there. It is the sort of place where you could spend hours, but I was thinking parking tickets take a lot of money that could be better spent elsewhere, so I had to head off. But I do love that place.

Then I thought - I have half an hour up my sleeve, I need some thread and I can just call in at Bustles and Bows in Surrey Hills (I had been tatting for the Dragon vest while I had been a passenger). And there I made another lovely discovery - but that will have to wait until the next cup of coffee - this post is getting waaaaaaaay too long.

PS Lloyd Roycroft's Bookstore is 680 High St, Kew, phone 9859 4215. There may be a couple of days in the week when he is not open, but I forgot to check, so if you are going a great distance (and it is worth it), check first.


Blogger Gina E. said...

Ah yes, my old friend Lloyd...Roycrofts actually started up in my home town of Eltham, many years ago, and I happily lost myself in there many times with like minded friends. I think his place is much nicer than Merchant of Fairness, who might be fair, but I found him to be not very friendly at all in my dealings with him..but perhaps less said the better. Never know who might be reading these blogs! While I am here, "Chloe" - I found a blog a couple of weeks ago, whose Owner featured some hand stitched envelopes (not the WW1 collectables)- items she had made herself to send to friends. I went nutty and nearly blind last night trying to find that blog again! Do you know who it might be? I am positive it was one of your links that I clicked on, but now I can't find it.

12:32 am  
Blogger Chloe said...

Hi Gina,
I only ever got to the Eltham shop once, before he moved, but it is so much easier to get there now. And yes, the "merchant" was carrying on a long and loud conversation with someone that I personally found a little self-indulgent while I was there, and they were right in the middle of the shop, and difficult to get around. But the woman also there was most helpful, and the books were well-organised - guess we can't have everything.

And, I hate to say it - I don't know that blog, but when you do find it I would love to have a look too. :) I am tending to immediately subscribe with bloglines to any I find ineresting, and then unsubscribe later if they don't hold my interest.

There is a nice coffee-shop next to Lloyds - I might have to announce well in advance next time I am going there. Still have heaps of hours I could spend on the postcards and ephemera. :)

8:05 am  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Yes, please do announce your next visit to either Sharon or myself - I think I can speak for Sharon when I say we would both move major obstacles to meet you there!

9:44 pm  
Blogger Chamogirl said...

I have come across this page while searching for Kalocsa Lace. I have some new pieces that I found in the shop I work at. They are not fixed in place but seperate. They are blue and pink and I have shared them with my hand work class held in Charlton MA. I have used pieces and whole small doiles in my work. Sometimes laying them over a metallic materail and then applying them to the the face of the work I am doing. Sometimes I embellish them. I did have a translucent doily that I appliqued on the facing placing glow in the dark stars under them. I do a of out there work and I am always looking for ideas and other Crazy Women.

5:49 am  

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