Thursday, 28 April 2005

A Nice Surprise

Now, I wonder how many times I have been to Bustles and Bows in Union Road in Surrey Hills??? Lots. And, when I think about it, I may have noticed before that directly over the road was Neighbourhood Centre - but I didn't have reason before to go YES!!!!!!!!!

I work for a Neighbourhood House here, and am totally committed to them as a very basic and practical way to do things in your community. I am off to organise for this afternoon's class as soon as I finish here,

But now that I am travelling to Melbourne so much, I am looking for one down there somewhere that might be an option for me to fill in some time - shopping is fun, but expensive. (Although I have thought of something I can check out next time - there was a Needle Sampler I saw at a place once that I would love a photograph of. Yes - Needles, not Needlework). So I am looking at local Neighbourhood Houses - and this one was just a little further away, so I hadn't even found out about it yet.

But what the heck - there it was, so I headed straight in. Neighbourhood Houses are like that - just rock on in.

There was a lovely volunteer on the front desk called Margaret, who works there on a Wednesday - and Gai, the Director. They have a shop front, a hexagonal room purpose-built off that, and lovely old renovated cottage behind that. Talk about space heaven!!!! I'm going to pop back next time and talk to them some more, but if their Stitch and Chat session (which is on Mondays) had been on a Wednesday or a Friday, it would have been exactly what I was looking there. And such a nice, friendly place - I need a Melbourne "home" just like that, with a top embroidery shop straight across the road.

I can dream.


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