Wednesday, 4 May 2005

Pansies Plus

Last post I mentioned I was really taken with the applique pansies in the latest issue of CQMagOnline. I have played with this sort of stuff before, but only with quilter's cottons, which didn't really grab me (but okay for Christmas motifs). Well, I hadn't thought of fancy fabrics, and I had always worked direct onto the block. So, I have been off experimenting, and have got to this stage with the Pansies:

Pansy Applique

I still have to stitch down the leaves, and think I will do the rest of the detail once they are on the block. But I have learned not to use flannel (and I am still confused about what to call it - the quilting shop insists this is flannel, not the stuff you make baby blankets with.). Anyways - the white of the reverse beards through on the edges.

Which makes me think I might touch up with wet watercolour pencils anyway. Another little diversion to try. I am quite excited about making a lot of these up in advance, and mixing and matching tops and bottoms, and playing with different contrasts in threads etc.

Think I will stitch them on with gold Madeira thread, for that tiny hint of a glitter.

THEN I though - well, why not Butterflies????

Butterfly Applique

This is how far I have got with them, but I am quite excited. Imagine going to town with all sorts of beads and embroidery.

And, I need to go and look at stencil books. Can you imagine a Rose done this way????

You may never see me again, I am off to sew!!!!

PS This is where my "small scraps bin" came into its own - a plastic ice-cream container I keep to throw small bits into when I am piecing. It had just what I needed in it.

PS2 And I don't know what this WonderUnder stuff is they talk about - I am using Visyplex.

But check out the article - it is great!


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