Saturday, 23 April 2005

Fairies for Viv

I hear a little whisper from the bunker in Western Australia that a little bit of Fairy magic has arrived at Viv's place, so I feel I can now post pictures of my DYB for Viv. These ones got home a little early, as everyone was so quick, and M3 conspired to get hers done early.

And, I have to say, I am quite happy with how this DYB turned out. You might remember my planning HERE. Now, I have to admit that when I actually posted the photocopy, all that work had been done - but I wasn't telling Viv that. And, I did use the photocopy to do the planning.

So, the finished block looks like this:

Linda's DYB for Viv

The whole block was designed around the idea of the fairy on a branch of Cherry Blossom.

Linda for Viv-part

I also wanted to work one of the Apple Blossoms from my mother's unfinished supper-cloth, which is in the top left. I have put one of the Mother-of-Pearl Rosary beads in the centre of the flower. The Bluebird of Happiness is an ear-ring I found at the same time as the Rosary Beads - there is butterfly on top right from that little find too.

Linda for Viv-fairy

The fairy is one by a local manufacturer of pewter charms mainly for sun-catchers. I did get DH to take the ring off the top, and grind it down, as I was able to attach it with stitches through other parts of the charm - and I think tat looks more natural. I get rid of those rings whenever I can. She is holding a single cultured pearl from an old necklace.

The blossom is random rings tatted together (usually five), and sewn on - the cotton is Alton Basik (sp?), which Sheridan kindly sent to me to try - I love the way the shading worked.

Linda for Viv-dragonfly

The Dragonfly has wings which are my invention - they are a form of needle-lace on wire, in a dark green metallic thread - with a bead added on towards the end. They are fiddly, but I love them. I did do some instructions for them years ago - must see if I can find them again.

So, that is it - I do love this block, and was quite happy with it, and really enjoyed the theme. It makes me want to work with Fairies again - but I have got sooooo much else I need to finish first.


Blogger Maureen said...

The fairy block has come together beautifully!
The tatted cherry blossoms have me itching to "try" yet again with the shuttle and the needle.
Maybe a lesson in November if I behave myself??

12:23 pm  
Blogger Gina E. said...

I must be honest Linda, I do love what you have done with the unfinished supper cloth. If I had more imagination, or was more naturally creative, I guess I could do some wonderful things with the stuff I have! But being a practical Aries, I am best at following instructions, so until I find ideas in books and magazines, or craft courses, I tend to stick with kits and stuff.

9:15 pm  
Blogger Rita said...

Linda, "Bear"...I have spoken with you before and think I was in an exchange with you... Love your stitching...very creative ideas and wonderful color composition.

10:14 am  

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