Sunday, 10 April 2005

Working on Viv's DYB

Oooops, I have Maureen3 champing at the bit, with nothing to work on, so have done a little bit on Viv's DYB. Just a little bit to keep her quiet, you understand. :) Cripes, Maureen, they aren't even due to arrive at your place until 15th May!!! *grin*

Linda for Viv

I want to make it as the fairy, perched on a branch of Cherry Blossom, looking down into a pond. So, this is where I am up to at the minute.

I can feel some apple blossom coming on though.

I have to admit I like taking the full month with a DYB, as I do a bit, think about the design, change my mind, go off down a different path, do something else, think about it again ...... .... You get the idea?????? *grin* (No, I'm not holding out on Maureen, I wouldn't do that, would I? You want to see me hold out? You wait until I've got your blocks!)


Blogger Vivienne said...

Linda, I think your placement of the fairy on the cherry tree branch is absolutely perfect. I can already visualise the distance between the fairy on the branch and the misty water beneath. Wonderful stuff, I love it!! Viv.

4:33 pm  

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