Tuesday, 5 April 2005

What's next????

Hmmm - now, what's next??? I've done a little bit of work on the Peacock UFO, but I think it is time to start thinking about the next DYB. Viv's Fairy Blocks have arrived here early, and I have picked one out. This is a fairy charm I had put aside for her, so chose this block:

Viv's Fairy Block

Think what I am going to do is have the fairy sitting on a branch of Cherry Blossom, over a pool - there are central pools on some of the other blocks as well. Then maybe extend the vegetation bottom right - not sure yet .....

These blocks are going in a Fairy Wall hanging to go in the bedroom where Viv's grand-daughter comes to stay, and she has been involved in working on the blocks - I think this is going to be a wonderful project.

Not sure when I am going to get time to work on it though, as there has been a sudden, last minute call to have the Quilts of Unity in an exhibition this Sunday - and I am not organised.


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