Saturday, 2 April 2005

What to do with Treasured Pieces

I've just spotted a new Australian blog I think I will be watching with great interest. Patra's Place is where Gina is discussing her UFOs and SINs (I will leave it to you to find out about SINs), and I know she has an interest in collecting old needlework.

As the custodian of a number of "Granny's Pieces", with no next generation to pass them to, and a background in museum collection management, it really perplexes me as to what I should do to ensure these pieces and my best work, doesn't go out in a garage sale.

Some things I can easily cut up - but some I definitely would not!


Blogger Gina E. said...

Hi Chloe, got your message on my new Blog - tar! This is going to be fun...but another timewaster on the computer. Well, not time wasted I suppose, but here it is 11 pm on Sunday night and I still haven't done the dishes or a small pile of ironing.
Now, you asked where you could pass your good embroidered pieces on to. The Embroiderers' Guild accept all donations good or bad,because they too will happily cut up damaged embroidered items to use for patchwork. Anything they don't use, or don't wish to keep for their permanent collection, is sold off to the members who like me just love it for its own sake. I have over 100 tablecloths (not including UFOs and SINS), about 50 aprons, 30 or so tea cosies, and upward of 800 doilies, duchess sets and other small items. My long term goal is to eventually have a place which I can open to the public by appointment, to show my stuff which I have been told already constitutes a Museum Collection.
Incidentally, I am not the only mad person who collects old linen as a serious hobby. Two of my friend do, and as I said, many of the Guild members do to.
Please feel free to contact me directly if you really want to offload your linen, as I would love to see it and make you an offer.
Kind regards

11:16 pm  

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