Sunday, 3 April 2005

Peacock Block 20

At the minute I am working on and around what has become Block #20 in the Peacock Wall Hanging. This is a small block that includes a section from a doiley that Peggy at Kaliko Kottage sent to me.

Peacock block20

There is a closeup HERE (don't forget to click on it with your cursor)

I have dyed the doiley (using Ozecraft dyes), and pieced it onto other fabrics. The doiley itself had been well-loved, so I have just avoided holes, and I have removed the remaining black French Knots from the centres of the flowers – some were already missing. They have now been replaced with small seed beads, and I am embellishing the seams where it joins blocks #4 and #7 (numbers don’t go in order in this work!).


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