Saturday, 2 April 2005

Well, not quite finished

Well, there I was, just looking idly at the block (see last post), and I realised something was wrong.

Yep - no antennae on the butterfly. So, back to the needle.

The butterfly is one of my better ones - I was using threads that were close in colour, to try and make it look sort of shaded, and it is edged in a blue Madeira metallic - which was awful to use, but looks nice.

The purple flower up in the opposite corner is one I am experimenting with a bit at the minute - I think it needs wider ribbon. But that is where I got to put the "real" (ie cultured) pearl - there is at least one going on each block I do in this DYB. And it has been a wonderful DYB - everyone talks to each other, so I know where the blocks are, and everyone is mailing on time (or even ahead). And the blocks are really lovely, and challenging me a lot. I've only got two blocks to go now, and I will be sorry when it is over.

In the meantime, I have joined some blocks for the Peacock Wall Hanging - I can see then end in sight there, too.


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