Saturday, 2 April 2005

Blackwork on Crazy Patch

Sharon has commented over on In a Minute Ago, about how excited we both are after seeing Jill’s work in a current DYB (Doing Your Block). Sharon has heaps more links over there for Blackwork.

Jill is using Waste Canvas to add Blackwork to CQ blocks, and has kindly allowed me to show off her blocks here.

The first one I spotted was her DYB for Maxine, where she has used the waste canvas both for cross-stitch (the Sweet Pea) and for blackwork, and has added other stitches as well:

Jill for Maxine

You can see a closeup of this block HERE. Click on it with the cursor to enlarge.

In the second block, for Kate, Jill points out that the stitches around the butterfly are actually Fly Stitch:

Jill for Kate

I am really excited (have I mentioned that???) about this Blackwork, but also by the way DYBs are providing a “forum” for individual style. Which is what it is all about for me – I will borrow ideas and techniques from where-ever I see them, but hope my work is always “me”, and not a copy of someone else.


Blogger sharonb said...

I really like the way the blackwork motif on the first block moves accross the seam - its really interesting
thanks for posting these Linda

9:26 am  

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