Saturday, 23 April 2005

Dragon RR is home

My vest is home in the Dragon Round Robin, and this is how it looks:


There is some stunning work on this vest (plus the two pieces towards the top that are currently loose). You can see a realllly big picture HERE (Don't forget to either click on it with your cursor or use the enlarge icon, depending on your program, to get maximum size)

For this Round Robin, which has been a long one, with more than the usual number of six, first I pieced just the bottom of the right-hand side. I added just the outline of Clementina, with the idea that everyone d a little bit to fill her in.

But Chris was first, and she fell in love with her, and did the whole lot! If you come back in a couple of days I will have a close-up scan of her, as she is stunning.

So, that left almost nothing for everyone else, so I pieced the bottom of the lefthand side. (Lefthand side in the picture, not left-hand when being worn). And I posted that off to Helen, who started the Rowan Tree, and added the tiny little dragon under it, who is a bit shewiff in the picture. Helen - had you noticed that one has a personality all of her own. Thank you for sending her to me. :)

Then, after Helen, Tosh got her dragon claws into it, and added that really cute little green cross-stitch dragon, and some seams. Then it was Maureen G, who extended the Rowan Tree, added the stones under it, and a green Celtic ball for Clementina to play with, and that fierce little green dragon down near the left bottom.

Then it was over to Melody, and Clytemestra flew in - you can see her surfing along a seam on top left. And a really lovely beaded fringe on the bottom of the right section.

Over to Catherine, who decided there was no room left - and she was right. So she pieced the loose section on top left, and did a HUGE piece of waste-canvas (Catherine, I do know how much work is in that!). That is Clementina's Welsh cousin.

Then, finally, after waiting for ever, Maureen got her claws on it. And did a stunning dragon on another loose section that she had pieced - come back soon in a couple of days for a closeup of that as well.

So, where to now???? I have started piecing, and have fitted all together except Catherine's - which is just a tiny bit too large. And then inspiration hit - I can have a vest and matching bag. I am in Dragon Heaven!!!!!

Oooooh, but they are all lovely - and I have another UFO that I want to finish NOW. Well, two UFOs. So, thank you to all who worked upon it, and to Maureen G for hosting the RR - it has been beautiful beyond belief.

I am going to be strong. No RRs for me in the second half of the year. I want my vest and bag.

Do call back in a couple of days for just a few more pictures.


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