Sunday, 17 April 2005

Books I have to have

Running a bit late, but I have been having a look at this month's offerings from the Needlecraft Book Service at Brighton, Victoria. And, Ooooh, I am so tempted.

Sharon over at In a minute ago is scrumpling, a mix of freeform knitting and crochet, and I would love to do that too, except I cannot knit. Have I mentioned here that the only time I ever cheated at school was when we had to hand in a piece of knitting we had done at home, and I bought a piece at the op shop? The year before I failed needlework because I didn't hand my knitting in. The only subject I ever failed at school.

So I have this thing about knitting (I could never get it), so have given away all my wool. I will resist.

But there is this nice book there called Freeform Knitting and Crochet by Jenny Dowd. I'm sure if I had it I could learn ......

It is a really nice catalogue this month. When isn't it????

That side of the foldout was the one that got me. Yes, that one. The one that starts with Chinese Embroidery: Traditional Techniques by J.Bertin-Guest. "Stitches used in Chinese embroidery form the main part of the book" .... $45.00 down to $36.00

Then, immediately under it: Crazy Mosaic: Inspired Creations from Shattered Treasures by Tracey G. Bell. Does this sound familiar? "Folk Mosaic is the new, popular face of traditional mosaics. Recycle china, glassware, toys, souvenirs and memorabilia into planned or spontaneous works of colour, texture, humour and shape. It's easy, it's fun and needs not special skill".

Hmmm, wonder if, after I have cut up my wardrobe, I have a few plates I can smash??? I have always been drawn to mosaics, and I saw a pot being made like this the other day at the Neighbourhood House. Only $19.95 (save $10).

Underneath it - a book of Fairies and Elves iron-on transfers. I want!!!!!! Only $10.95, post free if ordered with something else...

A William Morris stained glass pattern book - I can feel some designs coming on. I love William Morris.

Time to stop dreaming and add up.

They don't have a web page, but I think it you e-mail them your address, you get the catalogue in the mail every month. Probably only mail to Australia though. Sorry, guys in the US.

I have always found them reputable (and very nice!), but if you are wary of committing your details to an e-mail, you can ring them on 03 9596 8742, fax 03-9596 8743, or drop them a note at 211 Bay St, Brighton, Vic 3186.

Now, which ones am I going to get????


Blogger sharonb said...

Linda you don't have to knit you can just crochet and I bet what you turned out would be wonderful

8:54 am  
Blogger Debra said...

I have failed at knitting every time. But I LEARNED last year. I only knit socks, because I want to "control my obsession" (big grin). And I just started playing with the freeform stuff (using Prudence Mapstone's book. And her website:

So far I'm only crocheting... but I expect I'll be knitting some filler spots once I really get started. If you actually get started on this, we will have to compare notes.

1:01 am  
Blogger Chloe said...

I am resisting, I really am - but I did crochet a scarf at the end of last winter I haven't worn yet. I couldn't get a straight edge, so I deliberately made it even more "unstraight".

If you have a fault, make a feature of it.

But I am going to go and be strong, and not start any more obsessions until I have most UFOs (UFeaux) whipped into control.

And Debra - I am in awe. Aren't socks supposed to be the hardest??? Wow!

6:35 am  

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