Thursday, 14 April 2005

"Just Happening"

Over on her blog, Annie has been talking about the embellishing process, whether it "just happens" or is planned. (Actually, she is talking about the stitching, I think she is, more correctly, using the term "embellishing" to refer to adding the "hard" bits after the stitching).

I am a great fan of the "just happening" school - stitch a seam, see how it looks, decide what is next, add another element, which makes me thing of something else.

Except I have just made a sudden change and done some planning - and for this block I like it.

On Viv's Fairy DYB, I had planned to the extent that I knew I wanted a fairy on a branch of cherry blossom over a pond, and that I was going to do some apple blossom. Then I started thinking about other things I wanted to put on there, and realised that very soon, I might end up not having spaces for things I wanted to add.

So, I thought I will sketch the block, and draw a plan. Not that I am good at sketching.


I zipped down the street, got a photocopy, and started to draw on the photocopy.

Currently, it looks like this:

Fairy Photocopy

Nov Viv, before you have twenty-thousand fits, there won't be a safety pin in the finished work.

But I do like this as a design technique.

I am off to stitch.


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