Sunday, 17 April 2005

House of Embroidery Threads

There are a few threads that are my favourites, and pretty high up the list are over-dyed cotton perles. I love them for embroidery, but also for tatting. The three currently in my box are Hand-Dyed Hues and Dyepots (both from New Zealand) and House of Embroidery (from South Africa).

I was getting the first two from The Thread Studio, but they weren't at Stitches and Craft this year (Maria told me they were in Tasmania at the time). (and I cannot find Dyepot on the site). There used to be a local stockist for the House of Embroidery stuff, but she closed down, and I miss them. Especially the cards of three co-ordinated colours.

So I am feeling nostalgic, as Dawn sent me the African Folklore Embroidery site, where they have the House of Embroidery threads on the home page. And some quite different embroidery designs. It would also interest those who have children embroidering.

And there were nice peacocks scattered around the site, too.


Blogger Maureen said...

Dale at the Thread Studio does mail order, Linda. I know I live just down the road from her, but I often just phone her up with a mail order; she is very quick. I hear she is cutting back on shows this year.

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