Saturday, 26 March 2005

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom5

This is a quilt that, in 57 years, neither my Mother nor I have been able to finish. And, even if we did get it finished - neither of us use supper cloths.

However the embroidery is very lovely:

Apple Blossom

So, after much discussion, Mum and I have decided that I should cut it up and use the embroidered pieces for Crazy Patchwork. And, that is where the trouble begins.

Counting UFOs, I have at least nine crazypatch vests. And I do not wear them all that often. And I have more wall-hangings than I have walls. And I don't carry a lot of bags.

So, what should I make out of this important piece???? I am visualising some of the Cherry Blossom fabric, and maybe edgings (but not embroidery) from other old doilies - to give it a lacy, Victorian look.

But if anyone has any ideas as to what I could make - I would really appreciate suggestions.

And, before I cut it up, I thought it best I record the design - it is only three elements, two large and one small. This is the smaller piece:

Apple Blossom4

My reason for doing this is that I went looking for Cherry Blossom (and anything like it), in books, without luck. So I thought, if I scan these, I can print and trace if necessary. So there is a larger image of this piece HERE, and of the other two elements HERE and HERE.

Apple Blossom3 Apple Blossom2

Now - I have too many UFOs to take the scissors to it quite yet - but it is going in the bag with the Cherry Blossom fabric, and I will start looking for the right doilies.

All I have to do is resist the temptation to piece it as part of a demonstration - because then I will be going too fast to do it justice.


Blogger Sharon said...

Hi there Linda,
I feel terrible that I have not replied to you sooner about your invitation to meet up when you are in Melbourne... If you have been following my blogs you have probably read for yourself that life on my side of the screen has been very hectic - weddings seem to do that... Chaos in its natural state... Now that, that 'ship' has well and truly sailed, it is time to return to my 'normal'life, what ever that was...

Unfortunately due to me full time temping at the momement I am very occupied through the week... These full time working gigs really play havoc with my social & stitching life... I have a 'will do sometime' pile big enough to jump over... I have been following your blog with interest and I must admit a degree of envy, you seem a very talented lady who is only limited by the number of hours in the day to do all these wonderful projects... Sharonb, Annie, Viv, Maureen and yourself leave me breathless with wonder how you achieve all that you women do obviously do on a continual basis...Which brings me to one of the reasons I have replied to your latest entry...

I see that you are considering cutting up partly embrodiered supper cloth - if you decide not to go ahead doing that I have a friend who would more than likely buy it from you... She collects old embrodiery - she has quite a collection which she one day hopes to open to the public... As it is now she gives talks to various groups and she was featured late last year in the Herald Sun 'Home' supplement as well as having a one week exhibtition at the Melbourne Museum... One of her reasons for collecting these pieces is to preserve our stitching heritage. She has some interesting pieces dating back to the First World War...

I have gathered from your entry that this supper cloth will 'have another life as part of a 'larger design' but I couldn't help think of Gina when I read about what you were going to do... She loves quilts although not a quilter herself - more of a lurker/looker such as I am - but she does do embrodiery and appreciates the time and work that goes into a piece such as your supper cloth... I realise of course, as she would, that this project will go onto being a heirloom in its own right... But if you have a shadow of hesitation about cutting into the supper cloth - although I suspectthat you have already 'started' a project somewhere in your mind -please let me know and I will forward Gina's contact details onto you...

Me... I am still struggling to finish Mel's Mermaid - for some reason I have lost interest... I think I read too many stitching magazines and look at too many blogs and do too many 'if I only had time' sighs, to acually 'do' anything!!!!! Hehehehehe...

I didn't make it to the 'Stitches and Craft show at Caulfield this time mainly because I knew that I would 'add to my collection' - but hopefully I am going to the Jeff's Shed one as for some reason it appeals to me more... I have almost decided that I am going to set aside a weekday if I can do it, to go...

I loved the Quilt Convention a few weeks ago - it was small, yet had a wonderful array of stalls to look at and free workshops to attend...Plus the quilts which were on display had me browsing and then 'revisiting' for a good couple of hours... I see-sawed between being wildly inspired to being very depressed and wondered why I even bother with the bits and pieces I do... Hehehehehe

I managed to spend all afternoon there having arrived as it opened then leaving just before it closed at 6 pm.. In some ways it would be sad to see it get too big but I guess that is what will happen...

I actually introduced myself to Gabrielle Swain - handmaiden blogger who sharonb introduced back in Feb. She was one of the tutors - an American lady - very nice... I saw her walking through, and at the risk of making an fool of myself went up and introduced myself saying how I knew of her... Pretty good considering the only photo I had seen of her was on her blog... See blogger do unite occassionally...

I have also considered the Bead Symposium & Fair in June - my sister is a beader and I have told her that I would take her... I think I am pretty immuned to beads, so I won't be tempted to buy... Famous last words?

Ok Linda, I have taken up more that enough of your space and time...

Enjoy the rest of your Easter, and I will 'watch' with interest your blogging - Sharon Hunting

10:00 pm  
Blogger Balwearie said...

Oh... that's a lovely piece! I have several finished pieces similar which my grandmother and greatgrandmother made. I never use them since I don't want to get stains on them. But... what about a crazy table runner? If it's in the center of a table it's less likely to get trashed. Just an idea!

2:34 am  
Blogger Chloe said...

Oh Dear - I don't know how I get the time either - except it is now a relief to be almost retired. I was using it for stress-relief though, when I was working full-time plus - but I wasn't getting as much done.

And, although I have two households - they only have adults in them, and one of them does a lot of the work. :) That helps heaps.

As I teach CQ, a lot of my stuff is just an extension of my teaching (and a bit of recycled thought, rather than product out the other end).

And this blog IS making me be more organised, and document what I am doing.

6:56 am  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Hello Chloe,
I am Gina, the person Sharlee mentioned here. She phoned me tonight and in the course of conversation, mentioned the cloth you are considering destroying, lol! I fully understand that quilters make full use of damaged or unfinished craft items; in fact I have another friend who buys everything she can find on Ebay and in opshops, just for that purpose. Having said that, it still breaks my heart to see something like your cloth cut up, when it could easily be finished (by me!), and used and appreciated for years to come. My MIL gave me two suppercloths years ago to finish, and one is done and much loved. The other is more complex and will take me a few more years, but like you I am semi-retired and have lots of plans for my SINS (Stuff I'll Never Stitch)
Kind regards

9:23 pm  

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