Monday, 21 March 2005

Thinking about Patti's DYBs

Not a lot of stitching going on here at the minute - but I have got Patti's really lovely DYBs. And the work of Anne and Catherine on them is very lovely, so I cannot wait until I get a chance to scan them.

I have been in a DYB (Doing your Block) with Patti before, and I THINK these colours are similar - so I am going to have to watch myself, and not do exactly the same. My fingers were immediately itching to do the same rosebud as I did last time.

The other thing that I noticed was the way I looked at the block. I always tends to have a "top" and a "bottom" when I work. I know other CQ people who definitely do not - they work as if it will be looked at from all directions, like Australian Aboriginal art. And Patti had written her name and address across the top, on the excess foundation. So I automatically held it that way, and started planning my layout.

It wasn't until later that I realised I hadn't looked at it from all sides. So I did, and I still liked it the way I had looked at it first.


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