Thursday, 17 March 2005

Another Peacock Block

There is a small window of opportunity for me to do a little more on my Peacock Wall Hanging UFO. So I have decided to work on this block.

Peacock Block1

This was a block from a Round Robin, and those who worked on it were Elsie (I know she did the white peacock), Carol, Melody (the feather top right?), Sue and Alison (around the black patch at bottom). I must dig out the booklet that went with it - one of my jobs is to document this block properly for the final book to go with the wall hanging.

I am not sure if I have previously posted a picture of the block on the net - certainly I cannot find one on my computer. And one of the advantages of flickr is that I can put up a larger photo (which is HERE) that people can decide if they want to look at - just click on it with the cursor if necessary to bring it up to full size.

I have started work on it now - there are just a couple of spaces to fill - the flower with the pearl beads around the gold one is my work, and I am starting on a small mixed-media trail on bottom right.

In the final construction this block is at the top right of the wall hanging - so there are a couple of special bits that may go on it - I would rather them safer towards the top, than on lower blocks.


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