Friday, 18 March 2005

Another Peacock Block finished

This peacock block is now finished - there wasn't a lot to be done to it, due to all the wonderful Round Robin work.

Peacock Block Finished

There is a very large closeup HERE. And you can see how the block looked before I started work HERE

The four main additions are a ribbon flower (with pearls and a gold bead centre) on the left, a Balinese silver peacock I found at the market towards the bottom, and a real Peacock Feather ear-ring I bought at Cann River on the way to the Retreat in October. And a small group of ribbon roses and beads in the bottom right corner, where I was filling a bare block.

Peacock Block bead closeup

The thing I enjoyed about this piece was picking up six beads at once, and going back through the first bead and back into the fabric. It made little 3-D loops of beads (so it needed to be an even number of beads, so there was no gap at the top). And they showed the little bits of gold thread between them.

So this picture is not brilliant - but it may give some idea.

Now I am off to work on a few seams between blocks - this UFO will be achieveable.


Blogger Isabelle said...

Hi Chloe, that block is fantastic. What a lot of details! The peacock feather earring is a very clever addition, and it matches the central fabric perfectly.
The cluster of roses and beads is marvellous too.

It's really interesting to see the before and after - and also, to see big pictures, so that we can look at all the details one by one!

10:04 pm  

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