Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Thinking about Patti's block

This is the block I did for Patti in the last DYB (Doing Your Block)

Linda for Patti

So, when the parcel arrived in this round, it was like meeting up again with old friends. I have chosen one to work on, and with no real plan in mind, started on seams. I was trying to suppress my determination to do the same rosebud as last time! So this is how the block looks at the minute:

Linda for Patti - prelim

I think at this stage that it calls for Cherry Blossoms - but I am still considering.

In the meantime, those from the last DYB and two from this DYB are on Peggy's Forum - you do have to register and sign in to see the pictures, and then choose the "Doing Your Block" forum - but it is worth it. Look for the two lots of DYBs for Patti.

PS for those not used to this format - it is a Round Robin with a difference. You make five blocks and send them around - each person embellishes one block - so you get back five with five different design approaches - and have to then embellish the sixth block yourself. It produces some very interesting results.


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