Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Coral Stitch and Cherry Blossom

Viv has got us all fascinated with Cherry Blossom. Makes me want to dig out a half-finished tablecloth with Cherry Blossom on it.

But, in the meantime, I really want to explore random Coral Stitch as the bare branches, like this:

Coral stitch

This was just a hurried piece - the Coral Stitch works best in a thicker thread - this is in one strand of "Gumnuts" "Buds" - a thicker, overdyed Australian silk. Maybe I mixed two different colours, too. Now I am thinking how to make individual little Cherry Blossoms in tatting.

Look out Patti - I think it is going to happen on your DYB. But not instantly. I should not be goofing off playing here, when I have a project launch for something I am working on next Tuesday, which is not finished.

Maybe tonight I get to put the branches on Patti's DYB.


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