Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Feather stitch treatment

Just while I had the scanner going, I have been meaning to scan this for a while.

Stitch Combination 2

This is my treatment of Feather Stitch, on my purple vest. So it has got a little worm and some threads are out of place - but it is still lovely.

First I worked the Feather Stitch, and then I went back again and worked a small straight stitch a short gap from the end of each "branch". Then I threaded a needle with a thicker thread (in this case Colourstreams silk). I came up at the end of the feather stitch and then wove the silk three times through the straight stitch and the feather stitch - pushing the eye of the needle through first. Then I went back through the fabric.

It shows up really well in this example, as there is really good contrast.

I really love Annie's blog, where she is going back and looking at her old stitching. I reckon we should do that more. Now, I really had beeter go and work on the paperwork for those quilts.


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