Saturday, 12 February 2005

Suffragette Block Finished

The Suffragette block is finished - or as finished as it is going to be.

Suffragette Block

The scan above is of most of the block, you can see a very close-up view here.

The whole block can be seen here.

With this block I chose to work in the purple, green and white of the Suffragettes, and wanted to make it almost monochrome - not quite the right word, but close. I chose solid fabrics and to work with only DMC threads (in an attempt to force myself to do more detailed seams to make up for a lack of colour). I was actually working with white, one green and three purples.

I was also experimenting a little with adding curves by appliquing pieces down on top of flip-and-sew

Purple, green and white were the Suffragette's colours meaning Give (Green) Women (White) Votes (Violet).

The block is for a set of Community Quilts - the Quilts of Understanding, and the written material I will submit with it will examine several areas - the role of women in society, political power for women, and "making do" (ie re-use in crazy quilting). It sounds more stuffy than it will be.

This block was not a UFO - it was a commitment (ie it has a deadline), and I am glad to get it done. I can go off now and work on a UFO (ie something that always gets left behind, as it has no deadline). If it had been a UFO I would have kept working on it for much longer - I could see seams crossing blocks almost like blackwork - but it isn't going to be.

But I still like the "monochrome" treatment, and would like to work with it again in the future.


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