Sunday, 13 February 2005


I've been off to the market - haven't been to this one for about a year. It is not the sort of bright, breezy one some towns have once a month (or once a quarter), but one full of semi-permanent stalls that happens every weekend, with a mix of others where people come once-only to clean out their junk. Some parts of it are, well, a bit seedy.

But this time I have been in luck. First it was the seashell necklace - at $2.


This one had to come with me to be deconstructed. There are shells in it I haven't got in excess, for underwater scenes. But tehre are others that I have a lot of. So I think I might be forced to make up some baggies for Baggie Bank.

The Kauri shells in it are not as good as others I have found - they are quite faded. So what I am hoping is that this means they were harvested as "vacated" shells washed up on the beach, and not by diving. Which would hopefully mean that the coral (which I haven't found like this before in a necklace) would also have been washed up on the beach. I would really have trouble enjoying coral if I thought it had actually been broken off a reef.

Then, I found the small Chinese money (in the centre, above) that I have been keeping an eye out for. It is easy to get the larger stuff around, but I like these more delicate ones. At 50 cents each. Very nice. There was some genuine old large Chinese money there at $2 each, which I resisted with difficulty.

I want to experiment with bead/button trails, but with more than just beads and buttons in them. These are ideal for what I have in mind.

But it was just as well I didn't spend up, as this is what I found next:


This doiley was only $2!!! I immediately ignored that I didn't like the body, I didn't like the colours in general and it was too big! It had to come with me. I have no idea how I can incorporate it in my wall-hanging (horror of horrors - could I cut it into pieces to avoid that body?). Maybe I could lightly dye it and then paint the body? One thing is for sure - it is not going to be as easy to work with as the one Peggy gave me.

But I couldn't leave it there, could I???? Really??? And I only spent $6 for the whole lot. :)


Blogger Maureen said...

I agree, the body is horrid. Spotlight sell Setacolour Shimmer paints/dyes, no heat fixing, I reckon a deep blue would help a lot. Love the tail and flowers attached to peacock.

8:41 pm  

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