Saturday, 12 February 2005

The Blank Page

I am enjoying reading some of the blogs that are around - and The Blank Page is one I have known about for a little while - but now Sharon has "outed" it, I am sure there will be others slipping over there as well. Welcome Sharlee.

I have to admit I don't spend as much time agonising over my work as I should - I tend to quickly throw something together, especially at the piecing stage, and agonise more at the embellishing stage (if I agonise at all). Probably what I hanker after is more time to be able to agonise, and think carefully about what I am doing when I piece - but I am always piecing to deadlines. :(

And there is always the maxim that I comfort myself with as I throw things together - "If you have a fault, make a feature of it". I first heard this one as a friend was redecorating a toilet with a cast-iron chain pull cistern in it. She painted that purple and put loud wallpaper behind it. And it looked stunning.

Some of my best CQ work has been at the embellishing stage, when I have taken a fault and worked on it you make it a feature.

Trust me. :)

Maybe I would do a little better if I agonised a little more.

I shall enjoy The Blank Page, it inspires me, and I hanker more for the time to think more about what I am doing.


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