Sunday, 16 January 2011

Comfort Doll 10 finished

Comfort Doll 10

Comfort Doll 10 is finished, and I think I am getting closer to the shape I want.

Here she is with her immediate two predecessors - No.9 is on the left, and No.8 is on the right. It was a matter of both shape and size.

Comfort Dolls 9, 10 and 8

So I have drawn a pattern - you can find it HERE, if you would like to have a got at one too. She is a tad over five inches high. The pattern looks a little like Caspar the Friendly Ghost.

I like working with one piece of fabric - quick and easy. But I like working with pieced ones as well - just have to be that little more careful not to get seams in sensitive places when turning it out. I leave the bottom open now, and bead it closed at the finish.

You can see the whole lot on my Flickr set. There are five of them now in a bag waiting, but I am going to keep them with me until March 8th, International Women's Day, and then make a decision about whether they go to a refuge in Australia, or across to Comfort Doll HQ.


Blogger Oddbreed said...

oooo~i need a comfort doll for my upcoming surgery...

12:19 am  
Blogger Kissy-Cross said...

These are cute! I like the tatted diadem and the beading around the faces.

6:42 am  

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