Friday, 24 December 2010

My own tree decoration finished

2010 Tree Decoration.

Our own Christmas Tree Decoration for this year is finished - not that I have a tree up, mind you. It was worth it working on the four before it, as it really refined my ideas. The changes for this one are:

I worked seams in different stitches, but went away from the metallic gold thread, as I didn't want to take from the angel. She is a vintage one I have had for years.

The Angel stood out too much on the original star, so I recessed the centre using a pearl button back and front, and pulling threads through it. You can see the button on the front (maybe I should have used beads there?), but I don't think it detracts.

All my snowflakes were too big so I worked a smaller one to the same pattern, but in a finer cotton. I like it better, although they are a little harder to do. But much more delicate.

The bow is from an earring I had previously deconstructed.

The bow at the top was tied using satin ribbon and gold ribbon floss at the same time. With practice, I may be able to do even more together.

I did think about beading the edges, as I do with comfort/spirit dolls, but decided against it. Simplicity is the word.

If you would like to see all my Christmas Tree Decorations, they are HERE. It is amazing how many blog posts they have worked out to.

So it is finished, and hanging. Time to dig out my journal and do some entries, and to cook the chook for tomorrow. And to queue to try to buy prawns.

I hope everyone has a Peaceful and Joyous Christmas.


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