Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Ornies Day 4


Still working on the prototype, before I start mass production. Need to have four in the mail on Monday.

Above: The blocks are placed in an 8 inch hoop, and the design tacked in contrasting cotton.

Then, below, the blocks are trimmed and put into a 6 inch hoop.


Then, after doing some quick seams in two strands of Madiera Metallics, I worked the wreath in two layers of off-white rayon, following the tacking, then removed the tacking. One of my tatted snowflakes was then added.


To work the wreath, I start at the top and work one side in Feather stitch, finishing at the bottom. Then I work the other side, starting again at the top. Then I work another layer on top - basically building up texture.

Off to get serious about getting these finished.


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