Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Ornies Day 3

Still ironing, but the Christmas Ornies have progressed a little further. This is my process so far:


Step 4: Make a four-inch square in light cardboard, and find a suitable curve to take a slight "bite" out of each side of the square. In this case a dinner plate was fine. This gives me the template.


Step 5: Draw the shape on the backing fabric. I use a felt-tip pen, so the design leaks through to the other side. (What did I learn - make the backing slightly larger than 8 inches)


Step 6: Piece fabric onto the backing, on the "wrong" side, making sure all the design is covered. Try and avoid having seams going into the points on the corner. (What have I learned since - avoid lame/shiny stuff. Too bossy)

That is where I am up to at the minute. With two of the seven ornies I need to make. Need to get a move on, but will do some more ironing first.


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